MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer

Following time

Taking advantage of an “error” in the most recent instrument capable also of taking photographs, that remarkable little factotum going by the name of iPhone, and endeavouring, as much as possible, to understand its secret and bend it to my will while accepting and even welcoming with pleasure that percentage of the unexpected which inevitably remains, I find myself catapulted into a secret and mysterious dimension: the passage of time and movement. A space-time dimension which evades our visual perception because we are not able to dominate it with our five senses. This brings me to reflect on the fleetingness of the moment, on the impermanence of matter, on the flowing of our own lives in an attempt to Follow Time in its inexorable passing where we appear ephemeral actors in a space which, because of its static nature, appears to outlive us despite the changes to which even it is subject. (2012-2013)
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