Mirella La Rosa Photographer

emotions through photography

Venetian born and bred, I obtained a degree in Humanities at the University of Cà Foscari with a thesis on the History of Cinema. Besides teaching in secondary schools I have dedicated myself with great passion for over 20 years to the art of photography which I consider to be a means of expressing emotions. For this reason I enjoy experimenting with the various possibilities offered by the many technical instruments available today, such as elaborating photos taken with my digital camera through the use of Photoshop with the sole intention of widening the horizon of my creative inspiration. An inspiration however coming from afar, from the days of my earliest photographic research, carried out with similar technology, on the effects of light and colour reflected in the waters of the Venetian canals. I then began studying movement and light and again, water, the idea of water being a symbolic element of the emotional dimension of a humanity immersed in a “fluid” world of sentiment and appearance. In 2009 and 2010 I participated in workshops with the photographers Claude Nori (Il libro del fotografo, un’avventura autobiografico tra realtà e fantasia), Franco Fontana (Creatività) e Pieter Ten Hoopen (Story Telling – Fotogiornalismo) and in 2013 with Roberto Salbitani (L’acqua, il corpo, il rito e lo sviluppo di un progetto fotografico). In 2010 I received mention for my work portfolio presented at the competition Epson Le Logge on the occasion of the Tuscany Photo Festival at Massa Marittima. Two of my works were bought by the Galleria Civica of Modena and housed in the section dedicated to photography. In 2012 a personal exhibition of my work entitled Emozioni d’Acqua was shown at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, and in 2014 at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Marseille. As a member of the Circolo Fotografico La Gondola Venezia I have shown some of my works in collective exhibitions: “Flash” at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice (2012) and in Cremona (2013); “Uomini” in the exhibition space at the Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia (2013); “Time” at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice (2013/2014). Two of my works was chosen by the FIAF (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche) to be shown in the travelling exhibition connected to the Girofile Veneto competition in 2013 and 2014.