MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer

The Stuff of Dreams

Let yourself be crossed by the vibrations of the world and passions to reach the other side, beyond that horizon that we have contemplated in a timeless moment, as in sleep that transports us to a mysterious world made of symbols, ghosts, strange scenarios where everything is possible and where, if we have the courage to look in the mirror of infinity, we find, or find for the first time, ourselves. The barrier that separates the de-finite world in which we live, or believe we live, from the infinite to which we tend is like a veil, a thin curtain that floats in the warm air of a summer night, which dances with us like the waves of the sea. And the sea is the mirror of our souls in the quiet of the surf, as in the whirlpools of storms. Going through that veil is not so difficult, on the contrary, it opens up before our eyes and senses to let us pass. From there, we can walk and dance on the water, or descend into its depths and then re-emerge towards the sky and its silences and still dance in the semi-darkness of a lunar eclipse to exorcise our ancestral fears. (2014-2018)
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