MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer


In the tantric and Buddhist tradition, the term mandala indicates a sacred space in which the divinities are invited to enter by means of specific mantras. The geometric shape that is built for ritual purposes is not a simple representative or symbolic drawing, but it is that place created by the meditator where he contemplates the divinities who have settled there after his invocation. As will have happened to many especially as children, observing the elements of the natural world, such as rocks, stones, roots, tree barks, streams, clouds, I felt led to identification in their forms, and then in the abstract geometries that I composed with them, surreal scenarios and images of demons or deities that remind me of those depicted in certain mandalas. With my works I therefore wanted to create a meditative space in which to travel with the eyes and the mind in the sacred mystery hidden in the elements of nature and within us. (2022)
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