MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer

Water emotions

This work comes from the bold manipulation of my photographs with the intention of transforming them into visions emerging from the deep, for water has almost always been the guiding-theme in my photography. Just like water, our mind is fluid and the images we see become dissolved in it. Transformed, they flutter and waver, becoming deformed with softened edges they assume new shapes, materializing and dematerializing emotions leading to the separation of form and colour, they take us back to the essence of things, our way of living and the multiplicity of our perceptions. In the merging of the calm and reflecting waters of the Venetian lagoon with the waters of the mountains, either in tumultuous descent over stones and rocks or, paradoxically, motionless, under the form of ice, I see a city engulfed, swept away by inexorable waves, by time and by the far distance which carries away even memories.... The past, the present, a future both mysterious and unpredictable which could change the face of history... Imminent catastrophes... What fate awaits water cities? What fate awaits a soul, a life? The whole flows in a universal embrace... (2005-2010)
Critical Note by Carlo Montanaro
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