MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer


CHRYSALIDES/SELF-PORTRAITS - I “photographed my chrysalis”, the pain that accompanies crises. My body is the vehicle of blurred images, in a Kafkaesque metamorphosis that makes me feel a primordial insect prisoner of a cocoon that is at the same time the uterus of myself … a gray-haired fetus. The obstacle, imprisonment, the compression of a body and soul that yearn for flight. Desire to hover in the air, to wander in the infinite … But also incubation in a mother’s womb before going out to earthly life, to blossom to the thousand possibilities of development of consciousness. It is I, in my metamorphosis still and always in progress, in an infinite movement; a spiral within which life and consciousness flow, grow, evolve from crisis to crisis, from transformation to transformation. (2015)
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