MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer


The forms of man's works have always been inspired by the forms of nature. The lines of force around which creation materializes, from the mineral state to the most complex organisms, give rise to surprising geometries that reveal the universal intelligence, God or Nature that we want to define. It is Matter that refers and leads to the Spirit, as men have testified over time by building temples and cathedrals, sacred places, spaces that help to enter into communion with the divine and to reveal its essence in us. The forest is the primeval cathedral, where the trees, with their magical tension from the earth to the sky, accompany us in the elevation of the spirit. And the architects of the Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals were certainly inspired by the forests, with the spurts of spiers and pinnacles of the external structures that capture the light of the world, and the forests of pillars, arches and columns that watch over the recollection in the twilight of the interiors discreetly crossed by the rays that filter through the colorful embroidery of the windows, divine messages that come directly to our heart and invite us to meditate. (2020)
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