MLRMirella La Rosa

Fine Art Photographer


It has always been said that the peculiarity of the photographic medium is to stop the moment. But what are the "moments" that our mind or, rather, our emotional feeling captures in the flow of everyday life? Gathering or stopping our perceptions is an act of the brain that often escapes our own consciousness, only to then return those impressions to us in the form of more or less voluntary memory. These are often fleeting images that convey emotions through the eyes, images that our brain re-elaborates, however, immediately or in the long term, in that mysterious space-time that is within us, in the mind, in the heart and in unconscious emotion. It is a moving dimension, which escapes the laws of physics, where time does not flow in the same way as in the material world, where space also deforms, where some elements of the real perceived by us dissolve until they almost disappear, while others they "stop" preserving their shape or the essential elements that make it recognizable, as in the dream or, sometimes, in the memory. (2010-2015)
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